Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Twice a week, Healthy Chef Phx delivers fresh, fully cooked meals to your door
with each week’s meals different than the last.

Meals come in microwave safe containers. Microwave most meals for 2-3 minutes
and enjoy!

Each meal is one serving.

Each meal is one serving.

Delivery days are Sundays and Wednesdays. If you order the 7, 10, or 15 meal
plans we will deliver all your meals to you on the Delivery Day you choose. If you
order the 18, 21, or 28 meal plans we will automatically split your order into a
Sunday and Wednesday delivery (you only get charged once for delivery).

Orders must be placed by 9 pm Friday for Sunday Delivery and 9 pm Monday for
Wednesday delivery. If you have a weekly subscription, we will automatically give
you meals similar to your previous meals if you do not log in and select them from
the new week’s menu. So, enjoy your weekend and leave the meal prep to us so
you can start your week fresh and healthy.